Top ten parenting tips to the new parents:

Top ten parenting tips to the new parents:

When you are expecting your first child you need to get some parenting advice from elder people top rated backless booster seats. But when there is no one with you at that time this type of guide will help you to know about parenting. This is also a good guide for those people who are expecting their first child so make use of it. The first thing is being a perfect parent does not matter even a good parent does not a perfect one. So do not try to be a perfect parent for your child instead of being a good friend.

The second thing is showing your love towards them will make them to be a good human being in this world. At the same time, do not be a strict parent whenever your kid does something wrong so try to be good at that time and give some advice. This will increase their love for you. The third one is when it comes to discipline, being calm is not in your hand. But you have to be a different one if you want to make your kid discipline. The fourth one is a good role model to your kid is a super achievement so try to be that one. The fifth one is whenever they are not steady to make any decision help them as a friend and train their mind to be positive in any situation.

The sixth one is your kid is a reflection of your childhood so tell them about why you are like this way of parenting. The seventh one is paying attention whenever they something to you and do not misjudge what they are doing. The eighth one is your kid never listens to your long-term advice so try to find out the shortcut to provide some major things to them. The ninth one is parenting is one of the most researched topics in psychology so not everyone will become a good parent because lack of parenting tips. The tenth one is parenting is very hard so whenever you face a bad part in your parenting life do not be frustrated and keep things simple. So, try to follow all of these things and be a good parent for your kid.

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What is the important one about parenting?

Everything is important one but a relationship is the most important one because family is filled with relationships. So, the relationship with your children is the most important aspect of parenting. It is the value of your connection that determines how well they listen to you, accept your limits, values, and cooperation. In every child’s life, their parents will guide them through new experiences. So, you need to share some thrilling experiences of yours with them because they will learn some new things from your life. And accept their kisses, hugs, and love for you because these are all the effects of their love for you. so do not worry about anything and be a good parent for your kid. 

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How to face the challenges of online school? The recommendations of two psychologists

Although we have the idea that the online school has everything to run better this time, we must not forget that the tiredness in which we are all involved can contaminate learning at home.

The school itself is full of challenges and demands that, in a pandemic time, however much we don’t want to, are exponential and tend to increase family stress. If, on the one hand, Teachers – in an almost heroic way – were able to reinvent and embrace digital to ensure the continuity of teaching, on the other hand, parents feel a greater weight on themselves in everything that concerns learning and more than that, they often feel that they do not have the essential tools to support children in the study.

And, if in a first confinement the dominant emotion was fear, because we were all caught off guard and due to the unpredictability of what was happening, in a second confinement to fear, fatigue, boredom and some family friction come together as a result of all the feelings that blend and blur our vision with everything that is happening around us.

So, although we sometimes have the idea that the online school has everything to run better this time – because we already had a rehearsal in the first confinement – we must not forget that the tiredness in which we are all involved can contaminate learning in House.

Thus, at this stage, the online school requires above all tolerance and flexibility, not only with children, but also with parents and teachers, keeping us aware that each one, in his own way, is doing the best itself.

In addition to tolerance and flexibility, if we want to ensure that children continue to learn and, at the same time, parents continue their work, it is essential:

Define roles

If the role of parents and children is clearly defended, we decrease friction when it comes time to study. Thus, children are responsible for learning, and the role of parents is to help children to think, to set goals, to guide their study, and not to do activities for children.

Define study and break times

Study time should always be interrupted by breaks, which allow you to play and relax physically. It is the pauses that will allow a child to reduce tension, concentrate and learn.

Define objectives

Establishing daily and weekly goals allows the child to have control over their study, enhances the effectiveness of the study and reduces anxiety associated with time management.

Celebrate achievements

When we celebrate the achievements we send a message to our brain that allows us to feel rewarded and keep motivated throughout the study and the achievement of the goals. So, enjoy each achievement to celebrate.

Promote self-study

Facilitate study strategies for children that allow them to work autonomously and efficiently. In doing so, in addition to helping the child, you are freeing up time for yourself and your own work.